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VMware vSphere Benefits

Migrating from a physical infrastructure to a virtual infrastructure has numerous benefits for IT administrators and for end users. Listed below are benefits that your servers instantly following migration to our virtual infrastructure:

  • Virtual machines are not tied to any particular physical server or host, they become portable and can easily be moved from one physical server to another. This allows for easy disaster recovery and replication to remote sites.
VMware ESX Diagram

  • Virtual machines can be moved from host to host with zero downtime by utilising VMware's VMotion function. If a particular physical host needs to be taken down for maintenance or upgrade, all virtual machines running on that host can be migrated to other hosts in the cluster. This ensures that no downtime occurs for maintenance operations.
VMware VMotion Diagram

  • Physical server failure no longer brings your business to a halt in the event of a physical server failure. Virtual machines on the failed host are automatically rebooted onto remaining hosts in the VMware cluster, using VMware's High Availability (HA) feature. This minimises the downtime experienced by a physical server failure to 1 to 2 minutes.
VMware's High Availability (HA)

  • Virtual servers requiring heavy server resources can be moved automatically to hosts that have available capacity by utilising VMware's Distributed Resource Sheduler (DRS). This ensures  all virtual servers are able to work at 100% capacity with the requisite access to server resources, despite the loads of other virtual machines.
VMware DRS Diagram