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Data Centers

Our data centre is located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. The facility has a minimum of N+1 redundancy on all primary systems, and meets strict quality control and security guidelines.


 Power Specifications
• Minimum N+1 redundancy on power supply
• Backup batteries
• Diverse A&B feeds through redundant UPS (N+1)
• Onsite 370KVA generator with 48 hours fuel
  (2 hour contract for further fuel provision)
 Fire Detection and Suppression
 Fire Detection and Suppression
• VESDA Fire Detection
• FM200 Gas Discharge System
• Dry Pipe System
• Ceiling Smoke Detection
• Under floor smoke detection
 Controlled Environment
 Controlled Environment
• Temperatures maintained at 22°C (+/- 2°C)
• Humidity Maintained at 50% (+/- 10%)
• Minimum N+1 Redundancy for Air Conditioning
• Air Cooled APC FM40 Air Conditioning Units (N + 1)
• Environmental Monitoring
Network COnnectivity
• Carrier neutral
• Dual fibre feeds with redundant paths
• Access to most transit providers
 Shared Burstable Network
Shared Burstable Network
• Dual load balanced Cisco 7206VXR routers and Catalyst switches
• Data transit: 1000Mbit Optus, 1000Mbit Pipe Networks QLD
 Data Centre Security
Data Centre Security
• Dual access control using fingerprint and proximity card readers
• CCTV camera monitoring
• Alarm access system
 Service Level Agreement
Service Level Agreement
• 99.999% VM, power, cooling, network